carpet1Carpet has many beneficial qualities. It absorbs sound, giving your home that peaceful cosiness, it cushions your feet for comfort and insulates against the cold. Buying a carpet is an extremely important purchase, as it is a long lasting investment in your home.

Our staff are here to ensure that you remain happy with your selection for many years to come. Colours are, of course, a very personal choice. With so many shades, patterns and textures available and with almost 5,000 different samples in our showrooms, we are confident that we can assist you to find the colours to suit your home.

Colour Choice

Choosing a colour can be quite daunting. We recommend that you borrow some of our samples, and select a colour in your own home and in your own lighting, to ensure that you make the right choice.

As many as there are colours available, there are also different qualities to suit your needs. The fibre content, the density, and the construction determine the varying qualities.

carpet2Choosing patterned over plain and vice versa is a personal decision but one that will ultimately dictate the end result. As with every other interior design decision made, the variety now available is immense and whilst for the discerning consumer this greatly adds to the individuality achieved, it can also prove somewhat complicated.

A common preconception is that a plain carpet results in a more contemporary finish and acts as more of a blending mechanism whereas a patterned design is more decorative and ornate. However now with so many themes and influences permeating the interior design world, really any combination can look amazing.

With a single colour carpet you can set the tone of your colour scheme and give your room a more spacious look. A subtle motif or an intricate pattern creates a more dramatic yet practical look. Whether you're looking for something that says modern luxury, antique grandeur, eastern intricacy, or country house charm, we can help.

Our Service

carpet3Because we are a family business we are genuinely interested in you and your home. We take great pride in the products we sell and the service we provide. As members of Flooring One, the leading group of independent carpet companies, we can take advantage of the fantastic buying power that over 200 shops across the UK provides.

It gives us early access to the latest trends and added strength in the traditional styles and qualities for which Ward Brothers is famous.

Build your home on us with helpful advice from our experts. Soft and comfy carpet luscious laminate flooring can all transform the way your rooms will look and feel. Our massive choice of brands, colours and textures will inspire you and you can accessorise with a selection from our terrific rug collection. Perfect!
Once you've made your choice of carpet and underlay we will make arrangements to visit you, accurately measure your floors and work out your requirements using the most economical widths to ensure expensive waste is kept to the absolute minimum.

Our experienced staff will advise on the correct methods of fitting, especially if joins are required, and finally our qualified fitters will complete the job professionally with the minimum of disruption.

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