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Designing Your Dream Space: Ercol Furniture For Every Room

Designing Your Dream Space: Ercol Furniture For Every Room

Creating the perfect home environment starts with choosing furniture that resonates with your personal style and meets your practical needs. Ercol, a renowned British brand established by Lucian R Ercolani in High Wycombe in 1920, epitomises this blend of form and function.

Known for its timeless design and commitment to quality craftsmanship, Ercol has been furnishing homes for over a century.

This company connects traditional woodworking skills with modern living requirements, offering an array of pieces for every room—from plush sofas and cosy bed frames to elegant dining sets and office essentials.

Not just about new creations, the iconic Windsor chairs and other heritage lines like the Monza bedroom range are testament to their ongoing appeal.

Ercol's unique approach involves collaboration between their skilled in-house team and top UK designers to ensure each piece is as comfortable as it is stylish. Their products don't only bring joy to those who use them; they're also sought after by collectors due to their lasting market value.

To keep your cherished furniture looking its best requires simple care—regular dusting, prompt spill clean-ups, plus a twice-yearly polish can make all the difference. With such thoughtful designs tailored for both spacious homes and compact urban flats alike, it's easy to see why Ercol remains at the forefront of creating functional yet beautiful living spaces.

Understanding how these exquisite pieces can transform each corner of your dwelling into a sanctuary will undoubtedly inspire you on your journey towards domestic bliss. Discover how in our guide ahead.

Key Takeaways

  • Ercol's rich heritage, dating back to 1920, offers a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern design across a range of furniture suited for every room in the home.
  • Choosing key Ercol pieces such as sofas and armchairs for comfort in living rooms, dining tables and chairs for family meals, and bed frames and wardrobes for serene bedrooms can transform your space into an elegant sanctuary.
  • The versatility of Ercol extends to the home office with stylish yet functional desks and ergonomic chairs designed to enhance productivity without sacrificing style.
  • Caring for your Ercol furniture is essential; regular dusting, addressing spills promptly, using natural beeswax polish sparingly, avoiding direct sunlight or heat sources will ensure its longevity.
  • By incorporating timeless pieces from Ercol's collections that marry durability with soft curves and distinctive details, you can create harmonious spaces that reflect both personal taste and classic British furniture-making excellence.

ercol history
The Ercol Heritage: Crafting Comfort and Style

Delve into the heart of Ercol's rich heritage, where a fusion of traditional techniques and creative vision by Italian designer Lucian R Ercolani has shaped furniture that epitomises both comfort and impeccable style.

Each piece reflects a commitment to quality craftsmanship that stands the test of time, adorning homes with elegance that speaks volumes of its storied past.

The Ercol story and design philosophy

At the heart of Ercol's legacy, Italian designer Lucian R Ercolani envisioned furniture that marries comfort with style. Established in 1920 in High Wycombe, his vision was to create pieces not only pleasing to the eye but also fundamentally practical for everyday living.

The Ercol design philosophy holds true today as it did almost a century ago, focusing on crafting beautiful furniture that enhances life within every room of your home.

Ercol's reputation is built upon traditional techniques passed down through generations and an unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship. Each piece, from upholstered armchairs with turned solid oak legs to sleek Corso tables, reflects a timeless aesthetic that resonates with modern sensibilities.

Embracing both solidity and grace, the Bosco bedroom collection or Old Colonial theme showcases how Ercol seamlessly blends durable construction with soft curves and distinctive joint details synonymous with elegant spaces.

These are designs made to last, ensuring they become integral parts of homes across generations – just like they were always meant to be.

Essential Ercol Pieces for a Modern Home

Discover the quintessential Ercol pieces that will elevate the aesthetic of every modern home, blending timeless design with contemporary living.

Selecting key items for each room

Creating a home that reflects your personal style starts with choosing the right furniture. Ercol's range offers key pieces that blend comfort, function, and beauty, perfect for every room.

  • Begin with the living room by opting for an upholstered Ercol sofa, combining elegance with inviting comfort.
  • Choose an Ercol armchair as a statement piece, offering both aesthetic appeal and a cosy spot to unwind.
  • Integrate an Ercol coffee table that serves both as a centrepiece and a practical surface for everyday use.
  • Add an Ercol shelving unit, where functionality meets flawless design, to display books and cherished mementoes.
  • Select an Ercol dining table; its sleek lines are ideal for family meals and entertaining guests.
  • Pair it with ergonomically designed Ercol chairs that provide support and sophistication during any gathering.
  • Complete the space with an Ercol sideboard or cabinet, marrying ample storage with chic style.
  • Choose an Ercol bed frame, creating a serene retreat that is both stylish and conducive to rest.
  • Accompany it with matching Ercol wardrobes that offer generous storage without compromising on design.
  • Opt for bedside cabinets from the Ercol collection to keep essentials within reach while maintaining elegance.
  • An Ercol desk provides not only a productive work area but also enhances the room's overall look.
  • Pair it with an ergonomic chair from the same range, ensuring comfort during long hours of work.

ercol novara sofa
Ercol Living Room Elegance

Discover the fusion of beauty and comfort with Ercol's living room collection, where timeless sofas and armchairs create an ambience of understated elegance. Each piece is a testament to classic design reimagined for contemporary life, inviting you to unwind in style within the heart of your home.

Sofas and armchairs for comfort and aesthetics

Ercol's sofas and armchairs are the epitome of comfort combined with stunning design, ideal for creating a focal point in your living space. Each piece boasts a solid wood frame that not only provides lasting durability but also adds a touch of natural beauty to any room.

The careful crafting ensures every sofa or chair offers the perfect balance between firm support and plush relaxation, making them an irresistible spot to unwind after a long day.

Imagine sinking into an upholstered Ercol corso armchair that cradles you in its soft embrace, surrounded by exquisite fabrics that elevate the decor around you. These pieces don't just serve as seating; they're investments in your home’s aesthetic appeal and your personal comfort.

With their timeless elegance and superior construction, Ercol furniture brings luxury into everyday living while promising years of enjoyment and style.

Coffee tables and shelving for functionality and flair

Ercol coffee tables are not just pieces of furniture; they are statement pieces that bring both functionality and flair to your living room. The Ercol Collection Coffee Table, with its smooth organic-shaped surface, is a perfect example of how beauty meets practicality.

Its individually shaped spindles offer an ingenious solution for storage without compromising on style.

Shelving in any home must serve the dual purpose of organisation and aesthetic appeal, and this is where Ercol's expert craftsmanship comes into play. A mid-century coffee table by Ercol features sleek edges and iconic spindles on the shelf beneath, providing you with ample space to display books or decorative items while maintaining clean lines and an uncluttered look.

These timeless designs add a touch of elegance to any interior, ensuring that your living space reflects the classic charm synonymous with Ercol's heritage.

ercol lugo dining set
Ercol Dining Room Essentials

Create the perfect backdrop for unforgettable family meals with Ercol's dining room collection. Their elegantly crafted tables and chairs promise both comfort and style, ensuring every meal is savoured in a setting that feels timeless yet tailored to modern living.

Dining tables and chairs for family gatherings

Ercol's dining tables become the focal point of any family gathering, offering both beauty and practicality. With options ranging from ornate pedestal tables to extendable versions, there's a perfect match for every occasion.

The craftsmanship of Ercol furniture ensures that these tables are not only stunning but also sturdy enough to handle lively dinners and long chats over dessert.

Pairing your table with vintage Ercol chairs like the Goldsmith or Quaker models adds an air of timeless elegance to your dining room. These beautifully designed chairs provide comfort for hours of seating, allowing you and your guests to relax in style.

Opting for such classic pieces elevates the overall aesthetic while honouring the tradition of bringing people together around the table.

Sideboards and cabinets for storage with style

Ercol's Windsor Cabinet with Drawers marries style with function, offering a sleek solution to dining room clutter. With its adjustable shelf and two handy drawers, it's perfect for keeping dinnerware and linens tucked away yet easily accessible.

The exquisite craftsmanship means that these cabinets not only serve as essential storage but also stand out as a statement piece of furniture, enhancing the overall look of your space.

Explore the variety of sideboards available in different timbers and finishes to match your unique taste. They provide an elegant stage to display treasured photos or decorative vases while maintaining an orderly and chic environment in your home.

Opting for Ercol's range helps create a harmonious dining area where every piece complements the other, from the tables down to the storage units— all designed with ample space to meet your needs without compromising on sophistication or design integrity.

ercol rimini bedroom collection
Ercol in the Bedroom: A Sanctuary of Calm

Transform your bedroom into a tranquil haven with Ercol's stunning furniture that combines form and function. Each thoughtfully designed piece invites relaxation, ensuring your private space is not only stylish but also a cocoon of comfort.

Bed frames and wardrobes for a serene retreat

Crafting the perfect bedroom sanctuary begins with choosing the right bed frame and wardrobe. Ercol's collection offers a blend of natural materials and sleek design, inviting an atmosphere of tranquillity into your space.

Imagine sinking into a beautifully upholstered Ercol bed after a long day, surrounded by the subtle elegance of a coordinating wardrobe that echoes serenity with its ample storage.

Ercol furniture transforms any bedroom from simply being where you sleep to becoming your personal retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation. With every piece, from their iconic Fairmont vanity to their crafted wardrobes, you're not just furnishing a room; you're crafting an oasis where every moment is designed for peace and calm.

Bedside cabinets for practicality meets design

Ercol's bedside cabinets combine practicality with sophisticated design, making them more than just furniture; they're a style statement for your sanctuary. The Salina cabinet showcases this perfectly with its tray top feature, cleverly designed to keep your nighttime reads and glasses from slipping away as you doze off.

Finished in elegant shades that complement any colour scheme, they offer a tasteful touch to the bedroom while keeping clutter at bay.

The Monza one drawer bedside has established itself as the perfect blend of function and fashion. Its spacious top holds all your essentials within arm’s reach, and the sleek lines add an air of modernity that uplifts the whole room.

Ercol ensures each piece embodies both storage solutions and artistic expression, so you can enjoy unwinding in a space that feels orderly yet utterly luxurious.

ercol ballatta desk and chair
Ercol's Versatile Office Furniture

Embrace the fusion of function and style with Ercol's office collection, where each piece is thoughtfully designed to enhance productivity without compromising on elegance.

Discover desks and chairs that not only fit your work habits but also enrich your home aesthetics.

Desks and chairs for a productive home office

Ercol's modern wood desks blend sleek design with practicality, offering spacious surfaces for your laptop or writing projects. Built-in drawers keep important documents and office essentials tidy and within reach.

Pair these desks with Ercol’s upholstered chairs that do not just add a touch of luxury to your home office but also provide the comfort needed during long working hours.

Imagine settling into an adjustable Ercol chair that supports your posture and boosts your focus throughout the day. For those who value both style and ergonomics, Ercol offers height-adjustable desks that can be tailored to your preferred working position.

This combination of form and function ensures you create a workspace that is both productive and aesthetically pleasing, embodying the sophistication expected from a premium furniture maker like Ercol.

Caring for Your Ercol Furniture

The longevity of your cherished Ercol pieces hinges on appropriate maintenance; uncover straightforward strategies to preserve the elegance and integrity of your furniture, ensuring it stands the test of time as a centrepiece in your home.

Tips on maintaining the beauty of Ercol pieces

Maintaining the beauty of your Ercol furniture will ensure it continues to be a centrepiece in your home. With the right care, these elegant pieces can look great for years to come.

  • Dust your Ercol items regularly using a dry, soft cloth to prevent buildup of dirt and debris, which can dull their appearance over time.
  • Address spillages as soon as they occur by gently wiping them up with a clean, damp cloth and then drying the area thoroughly to avoid any long-term damage.
  • Apply natural beeswax polish on wax-polished surfaces sparingly; doing this no more than twice a year will help maintain its patina without causing build-up.
  • For regular cleaning, avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive clothes that can scratch or harm the wood’s finish. Instead, use a lint-free cloth that's slightly dampened for gentle cleansing.
  • Rotate any cushions on upholstered furniture to ensure even wear and extend the life of the upholstery fabric.
  • Keep your Ercol pieces away from direct sunlight and heat sources like radiators, which can cause discolouration or warping of wood over time.
  • Invest in placemats and coasters for dining tables to protect against scratches and heat damage from plates and cups.
  • If scratches or scuffs do appear, seek professional advice before attempting to repair them yourself - improper techniques can lead to more damage.
  • Check fittings and tighten any loose screws periodically on chairs and tables as usage over time could cause them to loosen. This helps in maintaining structural integrity.
  • Cover or store your Ercol furniture if not in use for extended periods, particularly outdoor pieces, to shield them from dust and environmental factors.

Conclusion: Bringing Ercol's Legacy into Your Home

Transform your home into a sanctuary where every piece tells a story of craftsmanship and design. With Ercol furniture, you can create spaces that blend timeless beauty with everyday functionality.

Indulge in the comfort and style that has defined Ercol for over a century. Let each room reflect your personal taste, supported by the heritage of British furniture-making excellence.

Embrace Ercol's legacy to make your dream space a reality.


1. What makes Ercol furniture a good choice for my home?

Ercol furniture is known for its timeless design and sturdy build, perfect to uplift any room with both style and comfort.

2. Can I find upholstered Ercol items for my living space?

Absolutely! You can pick from a variety of upholstered Ercol chairs and sofas that blend elegance with plush comfort.

3. Is there an Ercol piece to suit every room in my house?

Yes, there is! From the dining area to bedrooms, you'll discover Ercol furniture designed to fit perfectly into each space of your home.

4. How do I maintain the look of my upholstered Ercol pieces?

Keep your upholstered Ercol furnishings looking fresh by regular cleaning with the right products and protect them from direct sunlight when possible.

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