Bar Stools

A nice bar stool offers a comfy and visually appealing seating addition to any room. Ward Brothers’ offers a wonderful range of fabulous designer bar stools, suitable for a variety of interior styles. Don’t miss out, shop our bar stool collection now.
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Ellis Black Bar Stool
Ellis Black Bar Stool
Regular price £179.00 £145.00
Ercol Originals Barstool - Ward Brothers FurnitureErcol Originals Barstool - Ward Brothers Furniture
Ercol Originals Barstool
Regular price £280.00 £225.00
Irma Grey Bar Stool
Irma Grey Bar Stool
Regular price £179.00 £145.00
Marianne Leather Bar StoolMarianne Leather Bar Stool
Marianne Leather Bar Stool
Regular price £459.00 £369.00
Ottowa Bar StoolOttowa Bar Stool
Ottowa Bar Stool
Regular price £169.00 £149.00

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