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Ward Brothers modern rugs collection comes in a variety of modern rug shapes, rug sizes and rug colours. A modern rug is a perfect way to finish your room. Shop our modern rug collection now.

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City 466118-AK990 Ward Brothers Furniture
City 466118-AK990
Regular price £215.00 £161.00
City 473204/AK501 Ward Brothers Furniture
City 473204/AK501
Regular price £95.00 £71.00
City 473212/AK990 Ward Brothers Furniture
City 473212/AK990
Regular price £225.00 £169.00
City 473221/AK991 Ward Brothers Furniture
City 473221/AK991
Regular price £225.00 £169.00
Galleria 063-0138-6282 Ward Brothers Furniture
Galleria 063-0138-6282
Regular price £100.00 £75.00
Galleria 063-0138-9248 Ward Brothers Furniture
Galleria 063-0138-9248
Regular price £100.00 £75.00
Galleria 063-0738-7565 Ward Brothers
Galleria 063-0738-7565
Regular price £100.00 £75.00
Galleria 063-0738-7696 Ward Brothers
Galleria 063-0738-7696
Regular price £100.00 £75.00
Galleria 063-0843-2626 Ward Brothers Furniture
Galleria 063-0843-2626
Regular price £165.00 £124.00
Galleria 063-0843-9248 Ward Brothers Furniture
Galleria 063-0843-9248
Regular price £165.00 £124.00

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