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Ward Brothers boasts a beautiful collection of bookcases, perfect for storing books, showcasing artwork and displaying family photos. Bookcases provide a sense of organisation for books of all shapes and sizes. Shop our bookcase collection now
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Ercol Mia Shelving Unit - ErcolErcol Mia Shelving Unit - Ercol
Ercol Mia Shelving Unit
Regular price £1,240.00 £999.00
Ercol Lugo Shelving Unit - Ercol
Ercol Lugo Shelving Unit
Regular price £1,170.00 £939.00
Farmington Oak Bookcase - Ward Brothers
Farmington Oak Bookcase
Regular price £1,023.00 £815.00
Farmington Oak Shelf Unit - Ward Brothers
Farmington Oak Shelf Unit
Regular price £981.00 £785.00
Ercol Monza Shelving Unit - ErcolErcol Monza Shelving Unit - Ercol
Ercol Monza Shelving Unit
Regular price £960.00 £769.00
Pasadena Low Bookcase - Ward Brothers
Pasadena Low Bookcase
Regular price £342.00 £269.00
Ercol Bosco Bookcase - Ercol
Ercol Bosco Bookcase
Regular price £730.00 £585.00
Ercol Teramo Shelving Unit - ErcolErcol Teramo Shelving Unit - Ercol
Ercol Teramo Shelving Unit
Regular price £1,115.00 £899.00

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