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The Best Sofa Beds Under £1500

The Best Sofa Beds Under £1500

Are you in the market for a new sofa bed?  By the fact you are reading this blog post we can only assume that you are having some trouble finding exactly what you want.  For most people the search for a sofa bed proves an impossible task when it comes to finding something stylish, affordable and most importantly comfortable.  Well you have come to right place as we have researched the best suppliers and products out there to suit all tastes and budgets.

Before we get started it is important to point out that sofa beds have come a long way in recent years and while they have a reputation for being bulky and uncomfortable you will see below that there now a number of options available including compact sizing, different mattress tensions, foot options and a wide selection of covers.  All of which can be customised to create a stylish and practical solution for when you have guests.



Sleeps: TWO    Seats: TWO

Foot Options x 6    Sizes x 2

Mattress Options:  Regal Mattress or Pocket Sprung 

Why we like it:     Versatile, Compact, Contemporary

The first on our list is the Lilly.  This sofa bed always catches our eye with its compact and contemporary appeal.  We have put this at the top of our list because we feel it proves what can be done in the modern day with sofa beds.  No longer do you have to put up with dated designs, the Lexi comes with 6 x foot options, 2 x mattress options and is available in x 2 sizes.  We particularly like the style we have pictured which uses a steel foot for that contemporary feel and accent scatter cushions to lift the overall look.  Something else we should point out is that the Lexi has other pieces within its range, so you can utilise this in your main living area by accompanying your sofa bed with a standard chair, accent chair, armless chair or range of stools, it is all there for you.



    Sleeps: TWO     Seats: TWO

    Foot Options x 6    Sizes x 2

    Mattress Options:  Regal Mattress or Pocket Sprung

    Why we like it:  All-rounder, Versatile, Wide selection of covers

    The Reuben is a perfect all-rounder, so it was never in doubt that it would make our top 4.  Following on from the Lily it also has compact sizing which we feel is crucial for sofa beds to keep them versatile for any room in the home.  Design wins include its neat angular arms and simplistic style which makes it suitable for most decors.  Once again it comes with a selection of foot options, 2 x mattress options and a superb choice of covers which can be used to add a funky accent chair if you have the space.  One final feature to point out is that it uses a highly resilient cold cure foam seat interior which means less plumping is required.



    Sleeps: TWO     Seats: THREE

    Foot Options x 3    Sizes x 2

    Mattress Options:  Regal Mattress or Pocket Sprung

    Why we like it: Classic design, Generous proportions, 10-year guarantee

    So far, we have focused on compact designs, so we felt it was only right to look at a larger scale sofa bed for those people who have the benefit of a larger room which needs filling.  The Lockheed does just that with wider spread scroll arms and generous proportions allowing for a deeper sit.  We found that this style is also very popular as a standard living room sofa and you can see why with its beautiful curved lines and deeper seats.  Another point we were impressed by was the selection of covers available.  One family of fabrics that stood out was the coastal theme when combined with a ‘smokey oak’ leg finish, adding a calming feel with soft pastel blues, stripes and checks.  The Lockheed may look heavier but the roll out feature when setting up the sofa bed is extremely well designed and can be operated with one hand.



      Sleeps: TWO     Seats: FOUR

      Foot Options x 5    Sizes x 5

      Mattress Options:  High grade Hypnos mattress

      Why we like it: High quality, Available as corner group, Hypnos mattress

      To finish off our top 4 we want to highlight the best in quality, for those people who are willing to pay a little bit more for something that will last the test of time.  The Maison sofa bed holds within it the highest grade of roll out mattress which is sourced through a collaboration with market leading bed supplier Hypnos. The sofa bed is hand made in Great Britain and uses a glued, screwed and stapled hardwood frame for extra strength.  Another point we loved about the Maison was the fact it can come as a corner group sofa bed, something that is very rare to find and makes it ideal for those people who want it to act as their main sofa as well.  As with all our top picks it is very versatile with 5 x feet options and several sofa bed options.

      That concludes our top 4 picks for the perfect sofa bed which we hope will prove useful for when you are making your choice.  If you are still uncertain about which style will be the best fit for you, ask yourself the following questions; How often will the sofa bed get used a year?  What room is it to go in? When used how many sleepers will there be? Does it need to double up as your main household sofa or only be used as a bed?  All the answers to these questions along with what we have outlined above should help guide you to making the right choice when considering the size, quality, comfort and style you require.

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