Ercol Rimini Bedroom Collection

Embrace the sleek elegance of the Rimini Bedroom collection by Ercol, a perfect harmony of contemporary style and practical design. Crafted in light oak, each piece radiates understated sophistication with clean lines and subtle curves. The collection's centrepiece, the Rimini bed, boasts a chamfered planked headboard, setting a modern tone with its sculpted elegance. Complement it with the spacious Rimini 2 door wardrobe, and choose from a range of chests, from the tall 6 drawer to the 4 drawer low wide, all featuring sculpted cutaway pulls. The Rimini bedside cabinets, available in standard and compact sizes, complete this refined collection, ensuring your bedroom is not just a space, but a sanctuary of style.
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Ercol Rimini Compact Bedside Ercol
Ercol Rimini Compact Bedside
Regular price £365.00 £295.00
Ercol Rimini Tallboy Ercol
Ercol Rimini Tallboy
Regular price £1,215.00 £975.00
Ercol Rimini Wardrobe Ercol
Ercol Rimini Wardrobe
Regular price £1,820.00 £1,459.00
Ercol Rimini Bedside Ercol
Ercol Rimini Bedside
Regular price £450.00 £365.00
Ercol Rimini Bedframe Ercol
Ercol Rimini Bedframe
Regular price £1,370.00 £1,099.00
Ercol Rimini 2+4 Chest Ercol
Ercol Rimini 2+4 Chest
Regular price £1,370.00 £1,099.00
Ercol Rimini 2+2 Chest Ercol
Ercol Rimini 2+2 Chest
Regular price £1,215.00 £975.00

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