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Furniture Care Guide - Cabinet Furniture

Furniture Care Guide - Cabinet Furniture

Modern finishes are generally hard wearing and require little maintenance. However, care during use will help to prevent damage and will prolong the life of your furniture.

  • When moving the furniture protect the surface from knocks and scratches. Corners and edges are particularly prone to accidental damage and need covering during moving
  • Once item is in its new position make sure it stands level to ensure smooth opening of the doors and running of the drawers. Never use force on the doors, drawers or carcass
  • When selecting a position for furniture, ensure that it is in a place where it will not be exposed to excessive sunlight. Neither should it be in a position where there is direct heat, such as next to a radiator, as this may cause damage to both the surface and the wooden structure
  • When using the surface for serving food and drinks, or any item that may be wet, always use protective mats and coasters. If any hot serving dishes are used, special protection will be needed
  • If any spillages do occur, whether hot or cold, make sure they are wiped up immediately

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