Furniture Care Guide - Beds

Furniture Care Guide - Beds

Natural settlement is a feature of high quality mattresses and provided the manufacturer’s turning instructions are followed, settlement and bedding down of fillings should occur more evenly across the mattress. (There will still be some visible signs of the mattress settling to the contours of the body, but regular turning will make this less pronounced).

  • Check carefully – some specific mattresses are not supposed to be turned and the manufacturer’s recommendations will make this clear
  • Use a good quality mattress protector to prevent soiling and staining. If your mattress becomes wet stand it on its side and dry it away from direct heat
  • Don’t bend or role a mattress as this will damage it
  • Regular brushing/gentle vacuuming and airing of a mattress is often recommended
  • When turning a mattress don’t support its entire weight with any handles-they are meant to help move and position it but not carry its entire weight
  • Don’t sit directly on the edge of a mattress, particularly with a sprung edge divan
  • Don’t stand, walk or jump on your bed. Beds are designed to spread weight over an even area and too much weight in one area can damage springs, seams or fillings

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