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Furniture Care Guide - Upholstered Furniture

Furniture Care Guide - Upholstered Furniture

Proper care and maintenance will prolong the life of your furniture. Look for any available information – it is often hidden and may be a label under the seat cushion, in the seat/back junction, or on the base. Alternatively it may be provided separately as a small pamphlet. If you are unable to find any information, then ask.

Follow our steps to prolong the life of your upholstered furniture: 

  • Regularly turn and interchange the positions of reversible cushions on constantly used upholstery. This will prevent excessive soiling and uneven wear
  • Zips at the back of cushion covers are there to aid the manufacturing process and do not necessarily mean that the cover is removable for cleaning purposes
  • Smooth our creases in the cushions to prevent them becoming permanent and causing early wear
  • Avoid exposing furniture to direct sunlight and/or heat whether direct or indirect for long periods of time as this may result in fading or degradation. Protect the furniture by drawing curtains and blinds whenever possible
  • Avoid snagging the fabric: pet’s claws, jewellery, buckles, zips/studs etc are all potential hazards
  • Leather should be cleaned in accordance with manufacturer/retailer instructions. Using the incorrect solutions could damage the surface of the leather
  • Trim loose threads, do not pull them
  • Don’t put pressure on unsupported panels of upholstery (e.g. outside arms and backs) and don’t sit on the arms
  • Do not wash or dry clean the fabric of your furniture unless the manufacturer’s instructions specifically state this can be done

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