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Dining Sets

Elevate every mealtime with our designer dining sets. Merging classic elegance with contemporary flair, our tables and chairs are more than just furniture; they're an experience. Dive into our curated collection today, find the perfect blend of style and function, and let your dining space shimmer with sophistication. Shop now.
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Brighton Oak Dining Set Ward Brothers
Brighton Oak Dining Set
Regular price £1,825.00 £1,449.00
Brighton Two Tone Dining Set Ward Brothers
Brighton Two Tone Dining Set
Regular price £999.00 £795.00
Marianne Dining Set Ward Brothers
Marianne Dining Set
Regular price £1,999.00 £1,599.00
Somerville Dining Set Ward Brothers
Somerville Dining Set
Regular price £2,203.00 £1,535.00

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