Ercol Originals Collection

Ercol Originals are pieces of timeless and classic design that never date or show their age. It's furniture that's as relevant and functional now as it was when it was created in the 1950s and 1960s. This furniture was designed by Ercol’s founder, Lucian Ercolani, who drew for his inspiration on the time proven local design and craft in the Chiltern Hills around where he lived and built his first factory in 1920 in High Wycombe.
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Ercol Heritage Natural Barstool ErcolErcol Heritage Natural Barstool Ercol
Ercol Heritage Natural Barstool
Regular price £295.00 £239.00
Ercol Heritage Black Barstool ErcolErcol Heritage Black Barstool Ercol
Ercol Heritage Black Barstool
Regular price £295.00 £239.00
Ercol Originals Nest ErcolErcol Originals Nest Ercol
Ercol Originals Nest
Regular price £875.00 £699.00
Ercol Originals Coffee Ercol
Ercol Originals Coffee
Regular price £720.00 £579.00

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