Stressless Furniture For Your Whole Home

Stressless Furniture For Your Whole Home

Finding the right furniture to create a peaceful and stylish home can be challenging. Stressless furniture is renowned for blending comfort with sophistication to enhance your home.

In this post, we unveil how Stressless pieces can transform your home into an oasis of relaxation and elegance. Keep reading to discover smart, stress-free furnishing solutions.

Furnishing Your Living Room with Stressless Furniture

Transform your living area into a sanctuary of relaxation with Stressless furniture, where innovative design meets unmatched comfort to elevate your home's aesthetic and provide an unrivalled lounging experience.

With their commitment to quality and ergonomic sophistication, these pieces not only complement your decor but also support your desire for a tranquil retreat within the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Stressless Recliners

Sink into the pure comfort of a Stressless recliner and experience relaxation that's tailored just for you. These chairs combine Norwegian craftsmanship with ergonomic innovation to support your body in all the right places.

With a choice from four types of leather and over 100 colours, personalising your space has never been easier or more stylish. The Plus system adjusts the lumbar support along with the headrest to let you find an ideal position, while the Glide system reacts to changes in your seating position to offer constant support.

Every detail on a Stressless recliner is designed for ease and luxury. Effortlessly lean back and feel the stress melt away as these chairs are built not only on a rotating base but also include easy-to-reach adjustment knobs crafted to fit your needs perfectly.

Signature bases provide stability, ensuring smooth 360-degree movement so you can enjoy uninterrupted comfort whichever way you turn. Owners get lost in moments of bliss thanks to perfect engineering that combines form and function seamlessly without any compromise on style or durability.

Stressless Sofas

Stressless sofas offer unmatched comfort, support and sophistication for any living room. With their innovative designs, these sofas invite you to unwind in style. Picture yourself lounging after a long day; Stressless sofas make this experience not just a routine but a moment of true relaxation and recharging.

The attention to detail in the upholstery ensures that every inch supports your body effortlessly.

Sustainability is at the heart of Stressless, so when you choose one of their luxurious sofas, you're also making an eco-friendly choice for your home. They combine advanced materials with sleek Scandinavian design, ensuring that each sofa enhances both your wellbeing and interior décor.

Whether it’s reconnecting with family or grabbing some much-needed downtime, Stressless sofas are there to elevate these experiences with superior comfort and enduring quality.

Dining in Comfort with Stressless Dining Furniture

Experience the fusion of luxury and relaxation at meal times with Stressless dining furniture, designed to elevate comfort without compromising on style. Their innovative approach brings a new level of ease to your dining experience.

Dining Chairs

Comfort meets style with Stressless dining chairs, designed to support your body through long dinners and engaging conversations. These chairs bring luxury to every meal, thanks to their ergonomic features that encourage good posture without sacrificing elegance.

You can reflect your personal taste by customising each chair according to your preferences in materials, colours and fine details.

Every Stressless dining chair is a statement of sustainability and timeless design, fitting perfectly into diverse interior styles from coastal cottage vibes to the sleekness of modern noir.

They're built for more than just dining; they're crafted for life's moments at the table – ensuring that comfort spans generations while being kind to our planet.

Dining Tables

Stressless dining tables are masterpieces of both design and function, tailored to ensure every meal is enjoyed in utmost comfort. These tables blend seamlessly with the style and sophistication one would expect from a brand synonymous with relaxation.

Choose from an array of materials, colours and intricate details to create a custom dining experience that fits your home's ambiance perfectly.

Crafted for movement and support, Stressless dining tables promise more than just good looks; they're structured to foster a balance between softness for leisurely dinners and firm support during lively gatherings.

This careful attention to providing optimal comfort without sacrificing elegance ensures that your dining area becomes the heart of memorable moments at home.

Creating a Comfortable Home Office with Stressless Furniture

Transform your work-from-home experience with Stressless furniture, designed to enhance comfort and support throughout your working day. Discover how the ergonomic features of Stressless can elevate productivity and well-being in your personal workspace.

Home Office Chairs

Working from home calls for a chair that offers both comfort and support, ensuring you stay focused while caring for your spine. Stressless office chairs are specifically designed to meet these needs, with expert engineering that promotes good posture through hours of use.

The sleek designs fit beautifully into any home office setup, while the robust construction promises durability that withstands the daily grind.

Each Stressless office chair embodies the company's commitment to quality furniture that spans generations. Whether you're drafting reports or brainstorming creative ideas, these chairs provide a seamless blend of form and function.

They offer an unparalleled level of comfort without sacrificing style—making them an essential part of any home workspace. Moving on from seating solutions, let’s consider how pairing a chair with the right desk can enhance productivity even further.

Home Office Desks

Once you've found the perfect Stressless office chair, the next step is to pair it with a desk that upholds the same high standards of comfort and style. Stressless home office desks are designed not only to complement your chair but also to ensure you maintain good posture throughout long work sessions.

These desks come in various materials and colours, allowing for personalisation that fits your workspace like a glove.

Stressless takes pride in offering an array of designs and styles for home office desks, which means finding one that suits your needs is hassle-free. Whether you prefer sleek lines or more traditional looks, these pieces can transform any room into an inviting place of productivity.

Customise your own setup with unique details that reflect who you are and how you work best – because when it comes to comfort-driven furniture, details matter just as much as design.

Personalising Your Space with Stressless Designs

Transform your home into a unique reflection of your taste with Stressless designs. Tailor every aspect to suit your preferences, from selecting the perfect leather or fabric coverings to choosing from over 100 dazzling colours.

Whether you're drawn to the understated elegance of Scandi style or the rustic charm of a mountain lodge, Stressless provides endless possibilities for creating an environment that's as individual as you are.

Mix and match different materials and accents to achieve that bespoke look in every room. Consider incorporating coastal cottage touches for a breezy vibe, or add some urban living flair for a sleek, contemporary space.

With four top-quality leather types and various fabric options available at your fingertips, personalising each piece becomes an exciting adventure in design. Create spaces that not only reflect who you are but also elevate your everyday life with unparalleled comfort and style.


With Stressless designs, you've seen how to infuse your personal style into every room. Moving on to sum up our journey through the world of Stressless furniture, let's highlight the ease and comfort it brings into every corner of your home.

From plush recliners that hug your form to dining sets that blend elegance with cosiness, each piece is a testament to Scandinavian craftsmanship. Upgrade your living spaces with furniture that's built for life's relaxing moments.

Remember, creating a serene homely sanctuary starts with choosing pieces that promise both style and tranquillity.


Dive into the frequently asked questions section to uncover insights and clarify any uncertainties you might have about Stressless furniture, enhancing your knowledge for making a well-informed decision.

Are Stressless chairs worth the money?

Stressless chairs offer an unrivalled level of comfort, owing to their innovative design that supports the body's need for relaxation and rejuvenation. They not only bring a touch of luxury to your home but also provide long-lasting quality.

The craftsmanship behind each Stressless chair means you're investing in a piece of furniture that can withstand years of use while maintaining its appearance and functionality. With options to customise materials, colours, and designs to fit any decor style, these chairs cater to personal tastes and preferences.

Selecting a Stressless recliner or sofa is about more than just sitting; it's about improving wellbeing through superior comfort technology established since 1971. Every feature from the glide system adjusting to your smallest movements, to the Plus™ system providing optimal neck and lumbar support embodies Ekornes' dedication towards sustainability and crafting furniture meant for longevity.

Customers appreciate knowing their purchase contributes not only to their own health but also benefits ecological practices — making a Stressless chair a choice worth considering for both its immediate comforts and its enduring values.

Is Stressless a luxury brand?

Considering the value of Stressless chairs, it's clear that luxury isn't just about looks; it's also about comfort and quality. Ekornes Stressless is indeed a luxury brand that marries style with functionality for an unparalleled furniture experience.

Each piece, whether it be stressless recliners or sofas, showcases premium craftsmanship. They offer more than mere seating; they provide a customisable comfort that caters to individual needs with adjustable features and personal sizing options.

Crafted from top-tier materials, including high-quality leather and fabrics available in over 100 colours, these pieces elevate any room they adorn. The brand has come to embody a level of opulence through its meticulous design process aimed at delivering both visual appeal and ultimate relaxation.

With choices ranging from sleek office chairs to sumptuous dining sets, this label appeals to discerning customers who seek elegance along with ergonomic benefits in their furnishings.

Is Stressless the same as ekornes?

Stressless is a renowned line of furniture produced by the Norwegian company Ekornes. Think of Stressless as the flagship series that made Ekornes famous, especially for their innovative recliner chairs designed with comfort technologies back in 1971.

The Stressless brand epitomises luxury and ergonomic design across all its products, from stressless recliners to sofas and office chairs.

Ekornes stands as the parent company overseeing not just the Stressless range but other product lines too. They focus on combining quality craftsmanship with true innovation to create furniture that offers exceptional support and unparalleled comfort.

The relationship between Stressless and Ekornes is symbiotic, with the former enjoying international acclaim under the latter's broad expertise in furniture manufacturing.

What is special about Stressless chairs?

Stressless chairs stand out for their impeccable support and unparalleled comfort. Designed like a fine-tuned instrument, they offer a perfect balance of softness and support that embraces your body's every movement.

Since 1971, these recliners have been at the forefront, constantly evolving with advanced materials and innovative production techniques. Experts in ergonomics ensure each chair provides the ultimate relaxation experience.

Not only do these chairs prioritise your comfort, but they also excel in sustainability and long-lasting quality. Crafted to be enjoyed for generations, Stressless furniture is as durable as it is stylish.

With their commitment to both aesthetics and functionality, these pieces represent the pinnacle of design excellence in home seating solutions.

What chair is comparable to the Stressless chair?

Looking for a chair that matches the comfort and style of a Stressless recliner chair? You might want to check out the Human Touch Perfect Chair. Like the iconic Stressless recliners, it boasts ergonomic features designed with your body’s natural posture in mind.

This means you can sit back and relax without worrying about back pain or discomfort.

The Human Touch model offers a zero-gravity seating position, which alleviates pressure on the spine and promotes circulation. Crafted with premium materials, these chairs provide durability alongside luxury, much like what you'd expect from high-quality Stressless sofas and recliners.

They also come with various customisation options to fit perfectly into your living space just as seamlessly as any piece from the wide range of Stressless furniture.

How long does a Stressless chair last?

Stressless chairs are renowned for their durability and exceptional build quality, often lasting many years beyond conventional furniture. With proper care and maintenance, these chairs can serve you comfortably for up to 20 years or more.

The commitment of the brand to sustainability also means that each Stressless recliner is designed with longevity in mind, aiming to outlive fleeting fashion trends and stand the test of time.

Crafted from high-quality materials and engineered with advanced Norwegian technology, a Stressless chair goes through rigorous testing before it reaches your home. This ensures that every piece of Stressless furniture meets stringent standards of strength and functionality.

Regular cleaning will keep your chair looking as good as new while preserving its sumptuous leather or fabric finish for decades of stress-free relaxation.

Does Stressless use real leather?

Absolutely, Stressless takes pride in the quality of their materials. You'll find that each piece of furniture, whether it's a recliner chair or sofa, is crafted with genuine leather.

This commitment to high-quality material ensures that every item not only looks luxurious but also feels sumptuous to the touch. They offer four different types of leather so you can pick one that suits your preferences and lifestyle.

Customers have plenty of choices for their home furnishings thanks to the broad selection available from Stressless®. With over 100 colour options, finding a hue that matches your decor is easy.

Regardless if you're aiming for something bold or subtle, their range includes all sorts of shades in both fabric and leather qualities to customise your space exactly how you want it.

Are Stressless chairs good for your back?

Stressless chairs support your back with their innovative design that encourages good posture. Their construction is based on a principle of movement and balance, providing flexible features to conform to the natural contours of your body.

This results in a chair that adapts as you shift positions, ensuring consistent comfort and spinal alignment. Whether sinking into a Stressless recliner sofa after a long day or leaning back in a Stressless office chair during work hours, the ergonomic benefits protect against strain.

The brand has invested heavily in research to tailor each piece for optimum wellbeing. A Stressless footstool complements the experience by allowing you to elevate your legs, which improves circulation and takes pressure off your lower back.

With these chairs, maintaining an ideal sitting position becomes effortless, reducing the risk of discomfort commonly associated with static seating. The combination of softness where you want it and support where you need it translates into chairs that not only feel luxurious but also promote spinal health.

Which is better IMG or Stressless?

Comfort is key when it comes to chairs that support your back, and this brings us to the common debate homeowners face: choosing between IMG and Stressless. Both brands boast features that prioritise comfort and design, but they diverge in their approach.

Stressless takes a lead with its patented Plus™ system which ensures optimal neck and lumbar support in every position by automatically adjusting as you recline. This innovation complements the personalised touch offered through extensive customisation options, from leather qualities to fabric colours.

While IMG offers quality furniture with contemporary styling, Stressless stands out for its commitment to ergonomic excellence since 1971. Riding on decades of customer trust, each piece of Stressless furniture is crafted keeping not just style but sustainability in mind – comfortable today, heirloom tomorrow.

Consumers often find their choice settling on the iconic stressless recliner chairs or stressless office chairs for long-lasting comfort matched with timeless design that adapts seamlessly across various home settings.

Is fjords as good as Stressless?

Fjords and Stressless offer a range of high-quality furniture designed to support comfort and relaxation, but each brand has its unique strengths. Stressless is renowned for its innovative features like the glide system that adjusts to your body's movements, providing exceptional support.

Their chairs often include a full 360-degree swivel capability and come with patented technologies aimed at improving posture and circulation.

Choosing between Fjords and Stressless may depend on individual preferences for style, ergonomic design, and budget considerations. Whilst Stressless boasts a legacy of Norwegian craftsmanship known worldwide, Fjords also offers well-designed seating solutions that prioritise comfort.

Customers might find Fjords as a competitive option with different styling cues that could better suit their home décor needs. Whether selecting Stressless recliner sofas or exploring options from Fjords, consumers have the opportunity to invest in furniture that elevates their living experience through comfort-focused design.

How do I know what size Stressless chair to get?

Finding the right size Stressless chair is key to enjoying maximum comfort. Your body type should guide you in selecting a chair that fits perfectly. Start by sitting in the chair; your feet should rest flat on the floor while your head comfortably reaches the headrest, ensuring good posture and support.

The correct seat height and depth are crucial - they affect how your back rests against the backrest and how much support your legs will receive.

Stressless chairs come with detailed measurements for width, height, and depth so you can compare them to your body dimensions before making a decision. Consider also if you want extra space for movement or a snug fit that offers more of an embrace.

With their wide range of Stressless footstools available, choosing one that complements your chosen chair maximises relaxation by supporting various sitting positions. Remember to think about future needs as well as current comfort because these chairs are designed to last for many years.

What do the knobs on a Stressless chair do?

Choosing the right size Stressless chair ensures you get the maximum comfort, but to truly personalise your sitting experience, adjusting the knobs is key. The knobs on a Stressless chair serve as essential tools for customising your comfort level.

With a simple twist, these handy features let you fine-tune the recliner's position and headrest to support your body perfectly. They provide precision control over how much resistance you feel when leaning back, allowing you to create an ideal balance of softness and support tailored just for you.

The personalised adjustments made possible by these knobs are not only about comfort; they also promote ergonomic health during extended periods of sitting. By giving users control over their seating angle and neck support, Stressless chairs with adjustable knobs cater to a range of individual postural needs—this makes them invaluable additions to any stressless office desk or relaxation area in your home.

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